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Make Meetings Fun

January 9th, 2017

Everyone is ‘meeting ‘ed’ out these days! High on the list of complaints about meetings are that the number people must attend often prevents them from getting their work done and that many are long, boring, non-productive, and dis-engaging. 

Meetings don’t need to be painful events! Yes, there are some types in which a level of formality will always be required at, however, as shown over recent years by a number of high profile companies, people are more engaged and productive when the creative & playful side of their brain is engaged. 

Here are some fun simple tips you can try:

  • Play happy music which contains an upbeat rhythm and positive lyrics in the background
    during team/project meetings or 
    shutterstock_189352979.jpgbrainstorming sessions when the group work and group think is critical.
  • Have small hand held toys available for people to play with as they listen, think, or chat. The concept of play lightens the mood and stimulates the creative centers in our brains. Inexpensive items from local dollar stores such as playdough, soft squeeze gel-critters, pipe cleaners, magic wands, funky toy sun glasses, and crayons are perfect for this. Choose items that are considered acceptable/aligned with your corporate culture, explain the purpose of them to the group, and encourage people to have fun as they work.
  • Use large flip charts to record ideas and encourage people to draw pictures to express their ideas visually if they wish to do so. 
  • Provide a wide range of coloured markers to further stimulate creativity. Using scented markers can add extra fun, but be alert to the possibility of allergies.

People are more easily engaged when they have the freedom to be creative, so provide them with the opportunity to incorporate this playful side of their nature into their work and then stand back and reap the rewards!