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Successful Woman, Superwoman: Fact or Fiction?

February 29th, 2016

As women continue to fight their way towards that leadership seat in the corner office,
the struggle with unrealistic expectations of themselves and those of others continues. The feeling that we need to be able to do it all, or be Superwoman can be, at times, overwhelming and disheartening. How often do you find yourself doing the following:

  • Working excessively long hours.
  • Multi tasking.
  • Not asking questions or raising concerns for fear of sounding stupid.
  • Thinking you need to lead the same way or be the same as others.
  • Putting work ahead of your personal life.

Take heart, this is not the case! In fact, many successful female leaders have begun to reveal that they are staying true to feminine traits and utilizing a uniquely female leadership style. They are:

  •  Leading from the heart, being their authentic self.
  • — Using their intuition and their inner wisdom.
  • — Leveraging their emotional intelligence. Women tend to score higher on the scales of self awareness, self regulation, empathy, and social skills than men in the business world.
  • — They are more relationship focused, often bringing an edge of humanity to their workplace.

It’s time to take off the Superwoman Cape and ask yourself what success looks like for you!

 A good starting point is to stay true to yourself. Try the following steps:

  •  Ground yourself in knowing who you are. Take the time to identify/affirm your personal values.
  • — Look at how your values align with those of your workplace and the people that surround you.  Do they match or is there a rub?
  • —  Explore your emotional intelligence – discover your strengths and then leverage these skills to support your success!
  • —  Decide: What will you stand for?
  • —  Just importantly: What won’t you stand for?
  • —  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need – seek out a mentor or mentors.
  • —  Take action now! Work with an Executive Coach who specializes in women’s leadership issues.