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Erna Hagge - Coach … Consultant ... Educator … Author

Erna HaggeErna is the founder of Hagge Global Institute a coaching, consulting and education institute with specialists who focus on supporting clients to “go from where they are … to where they want to be”. She is also a partner in Deberna International a resource and publishing business that focuses on organizational and leadership development. Erna’s international clients are organizations and individual leaders who lead in their field within large complex organizations in health systems, education, and business.

Erna has a vast understanding of leadership and organizational cultures grounded in 30 years of organizational and leadership development work.  She has been recognized 3 times with awards for organizational effectiveness, quality, and coaching. Erna has coauthored research papers and three books on leadership with the third tailored to support leadership in Health Systems. She is working on her current book focused on “Living on Purpose”.

She has held numerous leadership positions and founded Coaching Services at UBC. Erna is known for her innovation and transformational results. She has collaborated with healthcare organizations in accelerating leadership development by leveraging each leader’s uniqueness and building learning cultures.  

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