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"Today was exceptional in that I learned leadership is not a responsibility – nobody has to lead. It’s a gift, shining silver that reminds people huddled nearby why each shimmering moment matters. It’s in the eyes, the voice, this swelling song that warms up from the toes and tingles with endless possibilities”  - Amanda Burr

At Endless Possibilities Executive Coaching Vancouver we believe that everyone is a leader; you don’t need a title or a formal position. Leadership is exhibited by our actions, the conversations that we engage in, and in the ways in which we advocate for others and ourselves in our daily lives.

Utilizing the EQ-i Model of Emotional Intelligence we have embedded each of the five scales of: Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal, Decision-Making, and Stress-Management into our Leadership Development Programs. We provide a variety of leadership development services, ranging from formal programs for leaders in the healthcare sector and private sector organizations, to those focused on communication skills, team building, and the development of beginning coaching skills within organizations.

What is the Return on Investment for You and Your Organization?

Studies show that investment in leadership development training has the following benefits:

  • Attraction and retention of talent: great leaders attract and inspire great people!
  • Increased efficiency: providing leadership development for internal staff is more effective than hiring external candidates as they know your organization and are committed to it's people and it's success!
  • Increased employee engagement and job satisfaction.
  • Increased employee productivity.
  • Increased client satisfaction.

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