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Mentoring Services Vancouver

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a mutually agreed to relationship in which an experienced person (mentor) shares their professional knowledge, wisdom, expertise and skills in specific areas with an individual (mentee) in a way that supports and encourages that person to grow and develop personally and professionally.

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How is mentoring different from coaching?

Mentoring is the open, direct, sharing of knowledge, information, and skills between two individuals whereas in a coaching relationship the coach assumes that the client has the knowledge within them and works with the client to uncover their answers through the art of conversation, questioning, and observation.


What are some areas that Endless Possibilities Mentors can share their knowledge in?

  • Leadership: communication skills, crucial conversations, conflict management, performance management, and team development!
  • The complexities of healthcare sector leadership.
  • Career path planning specific to leadership.
  • Fostering professional development,
  • Job satisfaction.

Please contact Endless Possibilities Executive Coaching for a complimentary discovery conversation.