Your mind is your best friend; however, it can also be your worst enemy! It is constantly undermining your potential happiness and peak performance by having you dwell on the negative. This self-sabotage is generated by the rational, thinking side of your brain and a host of habit-creating saboteurs that keep you stuck in self-fulfilling negative patterns.

 But the good news is that by using Positive Intelligence you can strengthen the other side of your brain that serves you, to quiet the side that sabotages you, and deal with life’s challenges with less stress and a positive mindset.

The Positive Intelligence ®️, or PQ Program helps you discover the root causes of the negative self-talk (saboteurs) that are holding you back from reaching your leadership potential, and goals, and impacting your well-being and relationships. We call this building mental fitness and it’s the equivalent of taking your mind to the gym!

You will strengthen three core mental fitness muscles that help you shift the balance of power in your brain from those negative self-defeating thoughts to calm, positive thoughts which enable you to take clear-headed action. Developing these muscles helps you lay down the foundational neural pathways needed to form new positive habits that will transform your life and leadership! As you do this you will see immediate positive results in:

  • •       your work performance
  • •       your well-being
  • •       your relationships.

 Imagine what your life/work would look like in just 6 weeks’ time when you are:

  • •       Feeling clear-headed, confident, and focused as you deal with daily challenges.
  •  •       Are laser-focused and calm as you make difficult decisions, or deal with conflict situations.
  • •       Able to confidently priorize those competing demands that are draining you!

Based on years of leadership experience, education, and coaching work with leaders, research has found that it is much more effective to work on the ROOT CAUSES of what is holding them back, rather than coach on the symptoms. It is the foundational work for achieving lasting personal change and you will see immediate results as you do the work!

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