Your mind is your best friend; however, it can also be your worst enemy! It is constantly sabotaging your potential happiness and peak performance by having you dwell on the negative Research has shown us that only 20% of people and teams achieve their full potential. 

All the stress and negative emotions that you experience are the result of self-sabotage that occurs in one side of your brain.

But the good news is that you can learn to strengthen the side of your brain that serves you, quiet the side that sabotages you, and deal with life’s challenges with less stress and a positive mindset by developing your mental fitness!

By developing your mental fitness, you will experience immediate and sustained improvement in:

  •  your work performance:  by using mental and emotional energy more effectively you will see improved ability to develop others, improved teamwork, and collaboration.
  • your well-being: increased happiness, improved ability to manage your stress, and improved self-confidence.
  • relationships: improved relationships including better conflict management, and improvements in your level of empathy.

The POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE®️ (PQ) PROGRAM™ helps you grow your mental fitness by strengthening three core mental fitness muscles within six weeks. 

We offer combinations of the PQ PROGRAM™ and PQ COACH™ to help do this! 

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