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Testimonials - Endless Possibilities Executive Coaching

Endless Possibilities Clients Share Their Testimonials...

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about our first phone call and how much it's changed my life. I was so close to throwing everything that I've work so hard for away because I couldn't see myself anymore, and that my only way out was to give up on myself. That phone call and months that followed working with you opened my eyes to the possibilities in myself that were locked away deep in my soul, unleashing the person you now see before you today.

Thank you for picking up the phone that day, thank you for working with me, and thank you for being a part my life and for giving me the greatest gift of all - my spirit!

- DNC, IT Executive

Marilynn is gifted in figuring out the real root of a particular issue and approached my challenges with wonderful insight and encouragement. Together, we found many solutions to those little things that come up in professional situations that may seem small, but can have big effects internally. It was very satisfying to uncover ways of thinking that are meant to deal with those particular instances – and Marilynn knows them all. I really felt heard and appreciated for skills I do have, and enjoyed being gently encouraged to improve my processes and ways of thinking. Marilynn is also great a recognizing and celebrating successes! I use what I learned with Marilynn every day.

- JC,
   UBC Faculty of Medicine

I had the pleasure to work with Marilynn during a career transition. She helped keep me on track, to solidify and implement my vision with regular coaching check-ins and resources. I wholeheartedly recommend her!

- Angelica Lim, Ph.D.,
   Asst. Professor of Professional Practice in Computing Science, AI and Robotics, Simon Fraser University

I have worked with and known Marilynn for 18 years. I have seen her lead a successful career for herself as a dynamic leader. When I was looking to plan my career path, it was very clear to me that Marilynn would be the right person to consult. Together, through coaching and mentoring we explored an array possibilities and I set new goals for myself. I always looked forward to our meetings, and always came out feeling that life is full of opportunities. I am now, thanks to Marilynn, living a life of balance between an exciting career and family and would highly recommend her services to you.

- Ashifa Dhanji, RN, BScN

I was going through a professional transition and I engaged Marilynn as an executive coach. I found the experience to be excellent. Through Marilynn’s thought provoking questions, I learned a lot about myself and what is important to me as a professional. Marilynn’s coaching guided me to put a focused plan in place which was a catalyst to the positive changes that happened in my career recently. I would recommend executive coaching and especially Marilynn to anyone that is interested in making positive change in their professional career. 

- George Danes, CPA, CA,
   Chief Financial Officer at Sutton Group Realty Services

It was a pleasure to work with Marilynn over the last 9 months. Her curiosity, honesty, humour, and her experience as a senior leader helped me to recognize and leverage my strengths to define my career goals and focus my attention to achieving them.

Marilynn builds a genuine and trusting relationship with her clients, helping them to explore the possibilities in front of them through her gentle guidance, respectful challenging of assumptions, and celebrating "ah-ha" moments with passion and enthusiasm.

Thank you for your sincerity and support Marilynn!

- Jacqueline Per,
   Executive Director Patient Experience, Chief Nursing and Allied Health Officer Fraser Health

"If you want to connect with your inner potential to experience confidence and success in all aspects of your life and career then I would highly recommend hiring Marilynn as your Executive Coach.

Marilynn has a unique set of skills and abilities that when combined with her relaxed coaching style created an environment that helped me to align my values with my goals and to discover and be comfortable with my authentic self. Our coaching sessions assisted me in seeing opportunities and networking in a very different way that opened a whole new world of possibilities.

Marilynn, thank you for your support, encouragement and your unwavering confidence in my leadership abilities, I will always be truly grateful.” 

- Claire O'Quinn, Project Director, BCMH & SUS

“I had the pleasure of having Marilynn as my coach over the last year. Her open, gentle and positive coaching style has significantly influenced my professional development journey. Her candor and honest reflection challenged me to think of myself and my leadership style in different ways. Marilynn’s experience working with emerging leaders was especially helpful and she was incredibly supportive in helping me to articulate what I needed to get where I needed to go professionally. In addition, Marilynn’s knowledge and resourcefulness of best practices in the leadership, communication, and people management realms helped guide me to expert resources just when I needed them. Thank you Marilynn for your support and inspiration. “

 Marta Filipski  MPH, CPH, PMP

- Marta Filipski, Director, Regional Lean Transformation Services, Vancouver Hospital

Working with Marilynn has helped me achieve many goals and find balance in my life.  She has always been easy to talk to and knows when to give me a push to reach my full potential. We have established a great relationship even though coaching over a long distance. As a new coach myself, I continue to be coached by Marilynn and would recommend her to others.

- Lori Love,

I have had the great fortune of being coached by Marilynn over the last year. She empowers me to reframe my thinking, discover my own wisdom, deepen my selfawareness, and align my goals and actions with my values. Her compassion, skill, and professionalism effectively create an unbiased and trusting environment in which I can speak freely about confidential or sensitive situations. I have benefitted greatly from her generous acknowledgement of my strengths, respectful challenge to uncover my blocks, and skillful assistance in exploring innovative strategies to improve myself. It has been incredibly rewarding to work with someone who believes I have unlimited potential and whose only goal is to support me to reach it. Our coaching sessions have brought me much success over the last year and it is a pleasure to celebrate with her.

- Meghan MacLeod,
   Providence Health Care

My experience with Executive Coaching with Marilynn was greater than I could have imagined. It was a journey of self discovery where strategies and issues were mapped out or solved from within me. This not only changed my thought process it also changed the way that I looked at the day to day work stuff and that rolled into my personal life, creating a positive change there as well. The whole experience has given me confidence not only in what I do but also in what I say. I feel like I belong where I am today. Thank-you Marilynn.

- Robert Byers,
   CEO Namerind Housing Corporation

Marilynn is a true thinking partner, who listened intently to my professional or personal issues. She asked me great questions, which helped me get clarity and define a path to action. Her coaching helped me strengthen my leadership style, maintain focus on what's important and within a few months, I generated remarkable personal, career and work results!

- Betty Mutwiri,
   Saskatoon Health Region

I chose to engage Marilynn as my Coach as she is a highly skilled individual whose strengths include understanding healthcare issues and interpersonal relationships. She has coached me through challenging issues in my leadership development and has helped me articulate and understand my future potential as a leader.

- Debbie Johannesen,
   Provincial Health Services Authority

In the few months that I have had Marilynn as a coach, I have accomplished and achieved more in my career than I have in the past 5 years. She has given me the competitive edge and focus to achieve leadership goals I never thought were possible. Besides being genuine, authentic, and passionate in what she does, Marilynn's ability to guide and develop leadership skills, emotional intelligence, systems thinking, and change management have been vital to my personal success and passion in what I do. If you want the competitive edge and skills necessary to bring about positive change in the healthcare system, I definitely recommend having Marilynn as your coach.

- Dionne Ng,
   Nurse Educator

I am extremley fortunate to work with such a skilled coach as Marilynn. Her thoughtful, approachable and authentic manner has enabled me to develop as a leader as well as gain a better understanding of my leadership potential. Through Marilynn's expert guidance, I have been able to take risks in my career development and achieve my goals.

- Hilary Espezel,
   Fraser Health Authority

It has been incredibly rewarding to work with someone who believes I have unlimited potential and whose only goal is to support me to reach it. Our coaching sessions have brought me much success over the last year and it is a pleasure to celebrate with her.

- Meghan M,
   Providence Health Care