The Art of Fully Engaged Dialogue

How often does communication go sideways and take us along the path of missteps, lost time, and disengagement?

As leaders in a time of constant change, clear communication, and the ability to stimulate creative thinking is a critical skill. To do this we must deepen our understanding of how we mine our own and others' intellectual capital. The Art of Fully Engaged Dialogue, dialogue meaning “a multi-dimensional, dynamic and context-dependent process of creating meaning” offers us an opportunity to fully access current and creative resources at their best. The process of achieving this is through the use of a coach approach in how we think and communicate.

This program is set up as a cohort learning model which means learning on your own, in partnership with a minimum of 3 learners, and the larger cohort.

The program consists of the following components:

1.     Program pre-reading and a preparation exercise which is sent out prior to the classroom session.

2.     One day of classroom learning.

3.     6 - 1.5 hrs facilitated/coached leadership triad practice sessions (completed over approximately 6 months).

As in all our leadership development programs, we customize the programs based on the organization's culture and learning intentions. 

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