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Toxic Workplaces - Shifting from Poison to Possibilities!

At Endless Possibilities Executive Coaching Vancouver we focus on partnering with individuals who are experiencing workplace bullying and or harassment, either subtle or overt, to enable them to develop the skills to thrive and survive in unhealthy workplaces as they work to shift the existing culture or choose to transition to a different work place. 

We connect compassionately with clients that have left their workplace involuntarily and enable them to blend their knowledge and experience into future opportunities.

Through our coaching work together you will:Sun rays through dark clouds

  • Shift from confusion to clarity,
  • Increase your self-awareness,
  • Increase your self-confidence,
  • Strengthen your self-belief,
  • See choices,
  • Move from inaction to action.

You will gain a deeper knowledge of your strengths, skills, and talents, which will in turn, enhance your ability to cope within your existing workplace or to identify your “3R” environment: 

  • The Right Fit: one in which the work that you do is in alignment with your values and your career vision.
  • The Right Organization: one in which you are in alignment with the goals, vision, and values of the organization.
  • The Right People:  a work community in which you share similar values and beliefs with your colleagues.

Tha majority of our clients have transformed their lives to one which includes increased job satisfaction, decreased stress levels, improved physical health, and alignment of career and family as a result of the work they have done. 

Endless Possibilities can also help you create and sustain organizational change that resolves toxic workplace issues. Please contact us for a complimentary conversation.