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Health Care Leadership

Health Care Leadership

July 29th, 2013

hospital hallway with gurneyAnyone who works in the healthcare industry has probably spent a lot of time learning about medicine and medical treatments. The focus is usually on learning how to care for patients, what to expect in terms of side effects or reactions, and how to keep immaculate medical records. Working a healthcare professional, from doctors to nurses, to medical technicians, requires attention to detail and excellent observational skills. Healthcare providers are also required to make snap decisions and the outcomes can be significant for their patients. In this way, leadership skills are almost as important as medical skills. 

The hierarchy of a medical facility is usually pretty clear, so it’s fairly easy to identify the leaders in any healthcare organization. However, the leadership position of a doctor is based on their experience in medicine rather than their actual leadership skills. Very few people receive training in leadership skills, let alone individuals who undertake years of schooling for their chosen profession. But more and more healthcare companies are realizing that having leadership skills can significantly improve efficiency as well as outcomes for patients. 

A Confident Workforce is a More Effective Workforce 

There’s no disputing that confident individuals who understand their individual role within the whole company are more effective and efficient. Even those lower in the hierarchy do a better job when they feel that their role is well defined and that the leadership at the top understands what they do and the importance of their role. Good leaders know how to inspire enthusiasm and dedication for a job. They are also aware of where improvements can be made and give their subordinates the space to give feedback and make suggestions. 

The effectiveness of good leadership has been proven in the business environment over and over, and there is a growing understanding of how important it is for healthcare professionals to have leadership skills. It turns out that leadership coaching for healthcare leaders, whether that means consultants, registered nurses, or even quality improvement specialists, can change the work environment for the better. This dramatic benefit has already been seen at larger medical institutions where an investment in leadership coaching has helped to improve the way that a healthcare facility and its staff functions. 

For excellent leadership coaching in Canada, both on-site and for large groups, contact Endless Possibilities Executive Coaching. The results will speak for themselves once you invest in leadership training for your healthcare leaders.